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Your Target Audience Content Marketing Strategy in 4 Steps

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Target Audience Content Marketing Strategy in 4 Steps

If you're reading this then we've hit our target audience, and chances are we can help you reach yours too!

But - if you thought you were signing up for a limited-space seat on a “will destruct after viewing” marketing guru webinar entailing the latest sure-fire, fool-proof strategy e-toolkit which you can download today for only $36.78 (formerly $456.78!) and never have to spend on another campaign again - then we’ve got some bad news:

Digital marketing is one complex S.O.A.B.

Hey, we’re marketers, and we love our job, don’t get us wrong... but it’s more of a complicated relationship status type of situation; Honestly, even we agree that digital marketing can be a total drag.

There are no shortcuts to 100% customer retention and visitor engagement. There are no “one size fits all” solutions to guaranteeing traffic, leads, and loyalty.

As much as we would all like to see your advertising dollars earn a consistent, reliable, and appropriately sized return, the truth is, any effort is shot in the dark without a well-informed, calculated plan of attack.

Digital Marketing can be like … playing Whack-a-Mole. Fun at first, then exhausting, and finally you’re left wondering what you can trade in for 8 tickets.

A little perspective changes everything.

When it comes to seeing observable results and achieving a measurable ROI, all good marketing starts with one integral piece of data- and that’s your target audience.

In marketing, the process of breaking down your target demographic and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their habits is known as “segmenting your audience” and we’re about to explain exactly how it’s done.

Here’s how you can identify your desired audience, aim with precision, and hit your marketing targets spot-on:

Define your current consumers.

First you’ll want to gather some basic information on your client base so you can track your marketing efforts for each consumer type.

Compile enough static data on your customers such as location, age, and income, and you’ll start to see some common denominators.

Narrow down and group your market into unique, segmented profiles.

Predict consumer behaviors and actions.

Once you’ve segmented your wide business audience into defined consumer profiles, you can use analytics tools to further examine the dynamic behaviors, patterns, and interests attached to each of those target groups.

Important factors to track are where your audience is, what they’re doing, and how they interact online. Are your followers viewing videos on Facebook or reading reviews on Yelp? Is your focus target in a hurry on their mobile phone, or taking the time to browse on their home desktop?

Strategically place your content at the exact place and time your potential lead would want to engage, and you're halfway to boosting your ROA.

Adapt content to each consumer type.

So you’ve targeted your audience, and you’ve pinpointed the best spot for visibility: now what should you do to really grab your viewer's attention and convert them to leads? Here’s where the real psych work starts.

If your goal is to attract high conversion rate on a wide pool of leads, you'll need to hone in on one specific segment at a time. Think outside the box, and bring in some creative input to tailor your content based on your focus client’s behavioral and demographic insights. Develop engaging storytelling content that not only informs, but calls them to action.

Once you've designed the perfect target audience marketing campaign, don't forget to consider meta tags, keywords, and SEO strategies to ensure your business is in the line of sight of your focus market.

A/B Test, and Repeat!

If this is your first targeted marketing campaign, it is actually in your best long-term interest to invest more now, and implement at least two different strategies on one focus group. Make sure you A/B Test the initial campaigns and analyze the audience response.

With that new data, you’ll be able to place your digital advertising for optimal visibility and deliver your message as effectively as possible, so you can spend your marketing budget on what works, and forget what doesn’t.

If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.
– Zig Ziglar

Every click-and-mortar has its own set of business goals to achieve and that means the metrics used for one brand’s content marketing strategy won’t necessarily be relevant or useful to your own.

Start with understanding your target audience, collect and analyze the data, and you'll find the right formula to hit your specific mark every time.


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